2 499 000 zł


Cena:  2 499 000,00 zł

We are pleased to present a wonderful villa situated in a peaceful neighbourhood of Gdynia between Redłowo and St. Maksymilian Hill area.
It is a place from where in just few minutes we are able to reach the center of Gdynia (3 km), Riviera shopping center (1,5km), Gdynia Tennis Club (1.7km), Gdynia boulevard (1.7km) and beach (2km) .
This beautiful house welcomes us with very spacious rooms and solutions typical for large urban villa.

This is an exclusive offer for those who would appreciate the space and possibilities that it creates.

Ground floor area measures 204m2, first floor is 94 m2 and the attic is about 85m2. Villa consist of 10 rooms, 4 bathrooms, large kitchen (19.5m2), and lot of additional spaces.

The entire house has a basement, where apart from garage (equipped with canal) for 2 cars and motorcycle, we have, among other facilities, swimming pool with wide windows looking out on garden, utility rooms, heating rooms and workshops.

Those who appreciate the taste of interior design will feel at home in this spacious household, finished up with beautiful garden, which makes this place perfect to live and rest.

The house was built in the way, that it can be easily divided vertically into 1/4 to 3/4 proportions. It gives you the opportunity to accomodate distincted space for office activities or maintain comfortable place for extended family..

Presentations are arranged few days in advance

The advisor runs the offer:
Piotr Sas-Bojarski
T: +48 882 607 740
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Dodatkowe Szczegóły

  • Rodzaj Oferty
  • Miejscowość
  • Ulica
    gen. Józefa Hallera
  • Cena PLN
    2 499 000,00
  • Cena PLN za m2
    4 368,88
  • Powierzchnia m2
  • Powierzchnia działki m2
    1 011,00
  • Liczba Pokoi

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  • Piętro
  • Liczba pięter
  • Stan mieszkania
  • Rok Budowy
  • Droga dojazdowa


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